To Make Your Own

During a few of the lazy & rainy summer days I did spend time watching Youtube videos, mostly on alternative news and educational stuff but still, these beauty videos kept seeping into my recommended page.O I watched one called “My morning beauty routine” by the some current model, as soon as it was finished my whole feed was full of beauty this and that videos. The models, actresses and celebrities in the videos were seemingly filming themselves in their respective washrooms as they each applied a plethora of different toners, creams, serums etc. from various brands I had never heard of before. Their chatty and smiley ways of acting were portraying them as something of a sister figure and one would almost beleive that they were genuinely out to help us reach our maximum potential of glowing skin and silky hair just like they had trough the help of the products they were showing.

It obvious to me that this is just a new way for companies to sell their products, consumerism, insecurities leading to more consumerism and toxic chemicals leading to… more consumerism and disruption of our overall health. Many of the commercials had well over 10M shares and views and it is also obvious that the target audience of these commercials are young girls. It is just another trick to try and get to the wallets and minds of the most consumeristic and malleable group that is out there. Not only are these expensive lines of beauty products burning holes in wallets, the vast majority of them also contain harmful chemicals. Let’s break the cycle of having chemical crap in the shelves of our bathrooms and spend a little extra on local, organic foods and why not make your own creams and toners?

  • DO NOT use make up. DO drink water during the days. Regular SAUNA – wash your face with cold water after. Regular ICE-PLUNGES if possible and ALWAYS finish all your showers with an ice cold rinse. EAT ONLY moderate amounts of gluten, sugar and dairy.
  • Only wash your face with cold water to tighten your pores, no your face didn’t get dirty during the night when you were sleeping. Water, maybe mild soap in evenings.
  • Use organic, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar in the evenings as a toner. It won’t mess whit the skins pH like a store bought toxic one.
  • Make your own facial cream with small amount of bees wax, an oil (Apricot seed, Almond etc.) and a small mount of natural glycerine (ex. Aloe Vera)
  • Use coffee grounds or sugar as a scrub 2-3 times a week.
  • Use honey/avocado/yoghurt/papaya as a mask 1-2 time a week.
  • Instead of SPF, use a sunhat or cap to provide protection for your skin.