To #RewildEurope

HERE I will link to a text that really says it all. More knowledge and wisdom than we can ever even begin to imagine have gone lost from our folk and lands. First it was the christianisation of the North that brutally and relentlessly worked over time to kill our shamans, our healers, burn our books, re-educate, change our language and butcher our sacred groves etc. etc. Some few people have held on the old native beliefs, but they were few and centuries have passed since the down shift, centuries where those few have had to keep their old beliefs and the little scraps of knowledge they had managed to save from the spiritual and intellectual massacre, secret. Now we are being manipulated by media, also relentlessly, it is almost impossible to get away from the matrix of FOX, Facebook, your country’s national Tv channels, Vice, Instagram etc. etc.

But what have we lost, where can we begin to find it and remember, how will we go about it? These are the questions we need to ask ourselves, and not only contemplate but IMPLEMENT.