To have Freedom

I love this time of year, I was just about to write: This is my favourite time of the year… But before I even started I smiled and remembered the different beauty & excitement all of our seasons bring. It has been raining the whole day until now and what Thor left behind is the glimmering wet on the ground, he also left the mélange of grey skies with clear light and stunning colors behind as well as the crisp air which is so rare and only gifted to the north. As the rain quiets we can also hear Frigga inviting us to spend more time inside with our loved ones. As we gather inside to tell tales and revere the legends of past, a conciousness is spread with ancient wisdom from our ancerstors and by keeping the tales alive and the skald at peace, we keep remembering what is important to conserve and preserve… our culture, traditions and folk.

Even though most of us live with the convenience of a grocery store close by and food to go around we must not forget, it might not last forever or maybe, like many already do, we may choose to leave the synthetism of the towns and return to a natural life. Either way, I think we all, in our rational state of mind, at least want the freedom to make the choice, but how can you have that without any ancient wisdom and knowledge of how to thrive in the natural world, embedded with nature?

Just as Thor strikes his hammer and announces that winter is coming, our men hurry cutting the wood and hunting the meat, Frigga spins her wheel and encourages mothers to stay intuitive as they start the fire, the pickeling and draws the young ones near! This interaction is sacred but we must breathe deeply to quiet the murmurs and enable ourselfs to link in…


To Make Your Own

During a few of the lazy & rainy summer days I did spend time watching Youtube videos, mostly on alternative news and educational stuff but still, these beauty videos kept seeping into my recommended page.O I watched one called “My morning beauty routine” by the some current model, as soon as it was finished my whole feed was full of beauty this and that videos. The models, actresses and celebrities in the videos were seemingly filming themselves in their respective washrooms as they each applied a plethora of different toners, creams, serums etc. from various brands I had never heard of before. Their chatty and smiley ways of acting were portraying them as something of a sister figure and one would almost beleive that they were genuinely out to help us reach our maximum potential of glowing skin and silky hair just like they had trough the help of the products they were showing.

It obvious to me that this is just a new way for companies to sell their products, consumerism, insecurities leading to more consumerism and toxic chemicals leading to… more consumerism and disruption of our overall health. Many of the commercials had well over 10M shares and views and it is also obvious that the target audience of these commercials are young girls. It is just another trick to try and get to the wallets and minds of the most consumeristic and malleable group that is out there. Not only are these expensive lines of beauty products burning holes in wallets, the vast majority of them also contain harmful chemicals. Let’s break the cycle of having chemical crap in the shelves of our bathrooms and spend a little extra on local, organic foods and why not make your own creams and toners?

  • DO NOT use make up. DO drink water during the days. Regular SAUNA – wash your face with cold water after. Regular ICE-PLUNGES if possible and ALWAYS finish all your showers with an ice cold rinse. EAT ONLY moderate amounts of gluten, sugar and dairy.
  • Only wash your face with cold water to tighten your pores, no your face didn’t get dirty during the night when you were sleeping. Water, maybe mild soap in evenings.
  • Use organic, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar in the evenings as a toner. It won’t mess whit the skins pH like a store bought toxic one.
  • Make your own facial cream with small amount of bees wax, an oil (Apricot seed, Almond etc.) and a small mount of natural glycerine (ex. Aloe Vera)
  • Use coffee grounds or sugar as a scrub 2-3 times a week.
  • Use honey/avocado/yoghurt/papaya as a mask 1-2 time a week.
  • Instead of SPF, use a sunhat or cap to provide protection for your skin.

To #RewildEurope

HERE I will link to a text that really says it all. More knowledge and wisdom than we can ever even begin to imagine have gone lost from our folk and lands. First it was the christianisation of the North that brutally and relentlessly worked over time to kill our shamans, our healers, burn our books, re-educate, change our language and butcher our sacred groves etc. etc. Some few people have held on the old native beliefs, but they were few and centuries have passed since the down shift, centuries where those few have had to keep their old beliefs and the little scraps of knowledge they had managed to save from the spiritual and intellectual massacre, secret. Now we are being manipulated by media, also relentlessly, it is almost impossible to get away from the matrix of FOX, Facebook, your country’s national Tv channels, Vice, Instagram etc. etc.

But what have we lost, where can we begin to find it and remember, how will we go about it? These are the questions we need to ask ourselves, and not only contemplate but IMPLEMENT.


Recognising the corruption of our biosphere

I don’t want to come across as dark and gloomy, but… it is so important for us to share the facts, our knowledge and them most importantly, our ideas of solutions. So yes, the first step to recovery is admitting to the problem, right? In this case it would be researching and coming to terms with the fact that we are not only surrounded by but embedded in a toxic enviornment. The facts are that the sad life of plastics in all its forms have a negative impact on our biosphere… the fracking/collecting of crude oil, the relentless use and spread of petro-chemicals, the production of the plastics, the residue from plastic production, the contaminiation of our foods and the everyday “stuff” that humans come in contact with (polyester, BGH, plastic bottles etc.) and eventually, but not finally, the eternal struggle to break down the plastics… As the plastics break into smaller pieces they become even more harmful as the micro-plastics end up in our streams – water as well as blood. Yes, its bad, real bad. And as if it isn’t enough that the petro-chemicals are invasive and unwanted, they are high in syntethic estorgen. The worst kind of estrogen. The consequences of this fact are immense as of scientific evidence, even a small dose can be detrimental. Sit down for this one, if you didn’t know already…

Exessive estrogen (natural & syntethic) is a reality becasue of our foods, food containers, our clothing, pharmaceuticals and the shi**y everyday plastics around us. Almost all species of animals are showing the symptomes of this disease, less males are being born, more females. Lower sperm count with males, lower fertility in females. To some “feminists”, this might sound like the shifting from a repressive pathriarchy into a lush and all-loving matriarchy, well guess what? With low fertility and micro-penises comes no new healthy babies. And unless you are suicidal, you want to see not only yourself live on, but also your ancestors as well as having your future generations prosper and not be left in a toxic wasteland.

So make you choice, read your lables (all of them, no matter the product you are buying), don’t give in, learn how to garden, sow your own natural clothing which will be free from chemical dyes, pay it forward – don’t be silent about these harsh but very real realities and be samrt in these deceitful battles that we are facing.

Embracing the seasons

As the leaves are turning yellow, setting the forests on fire I feel energized, re-envigorated and totally alive. As of the moment the first of the autmn chills touch me, my favourite season is here, it is a turning point, it is purifying and it is a remider of the cyclical time that I sometiems lose touch with, as the modern view of time is genrally considered to be linear, flat and limited. It takes a certain kind of peoples to prepare ones pantries och stock up on wood logs for the comming winter, it makes sense that we northerners feel extra active at this time of the year, since all the preparation, planning and implementation of these essential tasks are at their peak during autumn. And I would suggest to you, modern man… Go out and allow yourelf to be active even though it is getting colder, find yourself outdors more for we all know that in the coldest and darkest of days will be spent inside. And let us enjoy all of what each season has to offer, this is the time to pick your mushrooms, pickle your vegetables and prepare your apples. Soon enough you will find yourself inside again working on your creative arts in a room filled with the scent and light of bees wax, delicious hot beverages cooking on the stove and you and you family wrapped up in furs.  Avoid the modern och urban monotone manner of life, instead get up, go out and enjoy all of the fruits, nuts or whatever the current season has to offer.


Att leva ut Midsommaren / Living the Midsummer

Sommarsolståndet är högtiden i mitten på sommaren, den tiden då växtlivet når sitt klimax. Den natten då solen inte går nedanför horisonten, samma natt som de flickor vars huvuden vilar på 7 sorters blommor kommer att drömma om mannen hon skall komma att njuta och uppleva livet med! Den tid på året då det är hög tid att fira fertiliteten, livet, ljuset och kärleken.

Är det dags att återuppliva våra förfäders förmågor att leva med och förstå tidens gång? Eller ska vi fortsätta stirra stint ner i snappsglasen med hoppet om att inte komma ihåg vad som hände igår.

Millennia innan dagens Midsommarfirande, när nordmännens liv, cykler och år fortfarande var sammanflätade med naturen och dess krafter, firades Sommarsolståndet. De källor som finns är historier, sagor och myter bland annat från Eddorna ( här finns berättelser om Gudarna, människornas dagliga leverne och strider, om deras ärketyper, traditioner och legender ) och från dem lär vi oss att säsongerna med deras toppar och dalar, låg som ingraverade i medvetenheten på dåtidens människa och att de alltid firats med stor vördnad. Detta för att väder var ( och fortfarande är ) avgörande faktor på hur stor skörden blir till hösten och generositeten på vinterransonen, deras heliga och beroende relation med resterande delar av Yggdrasil var centrum. Det skänktes gåvor till Gudarna under dessa högtider för att försäkra sig om en god skörd, gåvor gavs och eder svors för att hålla sig på Gudarnas goda sida.

Dessa Nordbor var soldyrkare, solen och ljuset var något efterlängtat, mer saknat och viktigare än vad vi kan någonsin förstå idag, de var beroende av en sommar med utdelning av naturens goda överflöd för att ta dem igenom vintrarna. Att inte fira och njuta av årets ljusaste och längsta dag vore skamligt då ingen kunde hålla sig säker om nästa sommars återkomst utan Gudarnas välsignelse, eller sin egna överlevnad för den delen.

Med denna typ av förtänksamhet och försiktighet, då den egna familjen och hela stammes levnadsvillkor och överlevnad stod på spel när det kom till goda skördar och ordentligt omhändertagandet av boskap, året runt av alla medverkande kan det tänkas att rationellt tänkande och varsamma val var nödvändiga koncept att begripa. För att hålla sin ära, sitt mod och berättigande till de goda frukter som hårt arbete ger, var man tvungen att ge sitt yttersta för att tillsammans se till att det fanns ved till vintern, varma kläder till de nyfödda och gamla, mat genom det iskalla månaderna etc. På grund av denna antagligen ganska slitsamma ( men väl tillfredsställande ) livsstil kan vi anta att alla i stammen hade de bästa intentionerna, Gudarna och naturens krafter vid dess sida, en positiv utsikt på framtiden.

Med kristnandet kom också idén att man född med synden, och att det enda vi kan göra genom livet är att be Gud om förlåtelse för våra synder och be honom skydda oss från ondska.

Traditionen om att plocka 7 stycken blommor att lägga under huvudkudden på Midsommarnatten är gammal, men det finns ingen känd källa på när denna ritual kom till, men vi kan anta att mystiken och drömmarna som blommorna vid sin sida skulle framkalla om den framtida mannen bottnar i gammal Asatro. En liknande tradition hittar vi också i våra slaviska grannländer såsom Estland, Lettland och Litauen, där tradition dateras långt tillbaka i tiden, före det att Kristendomens helgona dyrkande sammanfördes med hedningarnas Sommarsolstånds firande och bli dagens Midsommar.

Idag firas Midsommar ofta i Svenska Folkdräkter, men inlagd sill på borden ( urgammal svensk mattradition ), med dans runt midsommar stången och med nubbe i glasen ( mjöden som dracks förr i tiden hade lägre alkoholhalt, kanske någonting att åter anamma? )

Att vara ute i naturen, dansa runt majstången med familj och närstående, göra upp brasa och att blóta för ljuset, jorden och dess varelser såsom vättar och små skogsfolk är någonting som gynnar det allmänna välmående och den kollektiva folksjälen i mina tankar.


Summer solstice is the remark of and celebration to the longest day of the year, the time when the greenness reaches its climax. The night when the sun does not go set, the same night as the girls whose heads rest on 7 kinds of flowers will dream about the man she will come to enjoy and experience life with! The time of year when it’s the absolute time to celebrate fertility, life, light and love.

Is it time to revive the abilities of our ancestors to live with and understand the passage of time? Or shall we keep staring down into the shotglasses, hoping to not even remember what happened last night.

Millennia before today’s typical Midsummer celebration, when the Norsemen’s lives, cycles and years were still intertwined with nature in its delightful essence and brutality, the Summer Solstice was celebrated. The sources for the knowledge available are stories, tales and myths from the Eddas ( these are stories of the Gods, the daily lives of men, battles, their archetypes, traditions and legends ) and from them we learn that the seasons and their peaks and valleys are engraved in the consciousness of the Norse being and they were always celebrated with great reverence. This because weather was, and still should be, the deciding factor on how the harvest will give in the fall and the generosity of the winter rations. Their holy and dependent relationship with the remaining beings and forces of Yggdrasil was their support. Gifts were given to the Gods during these festivities to ensure a good harvest, gifts were given and oaths were sworn to stay on the good side of Gods.

These Northerners were sun worshipers, the sun and the light were a long awaited, longed for and more important to them than we can ever begin to understand today, they were dependant on a summer with the gifts of nature’s great abundance, to take them through the cold winters. Not to celebrate and enjoy the brightest and longest day of the year would be shameful, since no one could be assured of the return of next summer without the blessing of God, or his own survival for that matter.

With this kind of forethought and cautiousness, when survival and living conditions of the whole family were at stake when it came to good harvesting and proper care of cattle, all year round by all contributors, mindful living and rational planning was a necessary concepts to grasp. In order to maintain ones honor, courage and justification for the good fruits that hard labor gives, one had to do its utmost to make sure that there was wood for winter, warm clothes for the newborn and old, food through the icy months etc. Because of this probably rather weary ( but well-satisfying ) lifestyle, we can assume that everyone in the tribe had the best intentions, plus with the Gods and natures forces on their side, a positive take of the future.

Christianity savagely brought the idea of ​​being born with sin to the north and that all one can do from there on is to pray to God for forgiveness and ask him to protect us from evil.

The tradition of picking 7 flowers to lay under ones pillow on Midsummer Night is old, but there is no known source of when this ritual came about, but we can assume that the mystique around this practice dates back in time before Christianity, when their beliefs still involved spirits from all dimensions. A similar tradition is also found in our Slavic neighbouring countries such as Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, where tradition dates back in time.

Today Swedish Midsommar is often celebrated in Swedish Folk clothing, pickled herring is served ( old Swedish food tradition ), dancing around the midsummer pole and with nubbe filling the glasses ( the mead that was the beverage of the past had a lower alcohol content, maybe something to recapture? )

Being out in nature, dancing around the flower covered pole with family, making a fire and blóta for the light, the earth and its creatures such as véttir and small forest people is something that benefits the public well-being and the collective soul of our peoples.