To have Freedom

I love this time of year, I was just about to write: This is my favourite time of the year… But before I even started I smiled and remembered the different beauty & excitement all of our seasons bring. It has been raining the whole day until now and what Thor left behind is the glimmering wet on the ground, he also left the mélange of grey skies with clear light and stunning colors behind as well as the crisp air which is so rare and only gifted to the north. As the rain quiets we can also hear Frigga inviting us to spend more time inside with our loved ones. As we gather inside to tell tales and revere the legends of past, a conciousness is spread with ancient wisdom from our ancerstors and by keeping the tales alive and the skald at peace, we keep remembering what is important to conserve and preserve… our culture, traditions and folk.

Even though most of us live with the convenience of a grocery store close by and food to go around we must not forget, it might not last forever or maybe, like many already do, we may choose to leave the synthetism of the towns and return to a natural life. Either way, I think we all, in our rational state of mind, at least want the freedom to make the choice, but how can you have that without any ancient wisdom and knowledge of how to thrive in the natural world, embedded with nature?

Just as Thor strikes his hammer and announces that winter is coming, our men hurry cutting the wood and hunting the meat, Frigga spins her wheel and encourages mothers to stay intuitive as they start the fire, the pickeling and draws the young ones near! This interaction is sacred but we must breathe deeply to quiet the murmurs and enable ourselfs to link in…