Recognising the corruption of our biosphere

I don’t want to come across as dark and gloomy, but… it is so important for us to share the facts, our knowledge and them most importantly, our ideas of solutions. So yes, the first step to recovery is admitting to the problem, right? In this case it would be researching and coming to terms with the fact that we are not only surrounded by but embedded in a toxic enviornment. The facts are that the sad life of plastics in all its forms have a negative impact on our biosphere… the fracking/collecting of crude oil, the relentless use and spread of petro-chemicals, the production of the plastics, the residue from plastic production, the contaminiation of our foods and the everyday “stuff” that humans come in contact with (polyester, BGH, plastic bottles etc.) and eventually, but not finally, the eternal struggle to break down the plastics… As the plastics break into smaller pieces they become even more harmful as the micro-plastics end up in our streams – water as well as blood. Yes, its bad, real bad. And as if it isn’t enough that the petro-chemicals are invasive and unwanted, they are high in syntethic estorgen. The worst kind of estrogen. The consequences of this fact are immense as of scientific evidence, even a small dose can be detrimental. Sit down for this one, if you didn’t know already…

Exessive estrogen (natural & syntethic) is a reality becasue of our foods, food containers, our clothing, pharmaceuticals and the shi**y everyday plastics around us. Almost all species of animals are showing the symptomes of this disease, less males are being born, more females. Lower sperm count with males, lower fertility in females. To some “feminists”, this might sound like the shifting from a repressive pathriarchy into a lush and all-loving matriarchy, well guess what? With low fertility and micro-penises comes no new healthy babies. And unless you are suicidal, you want to see not only yourself live on, but also your ancestors as well as having your future generations prosper and not be left in a toxic wasteland.

So make you choice, read your lables (all of them, no matter the product you are buying), don’t give in, learn how to garden, sow your own natural clothing which will be free from chemical dyes, pay it forward – don’t be silent about these harsh but very real realities and be samrt in these deceitful battles that we are facing.