Embracing the seasons

As the leaves are turning yellow, setting the forests on fire I feel energized, re-envigorated and totally alive. As of the moment the first of the autmn chills touch me, my favourite season is here, it is a turning point, it is purifying and it is a remider of the cyclical time that I sometiems lose touch with, as the modern view of time is genrally considered to be linear, flat and limited. It takes a certain kind of peoples to prepare ones pantries och stock up on wood logs for the comming winter, it makes sense that we northerners feel extra active at this time of the year, since all the preparation, planning and implementation of these essential tasks are at their peak during autumn. And I would suggest to you, modern man… Go out and allow yourelf to be active even though it is getting colder, find yourself outdors more for we all know that in the coldest and darkest of days will be spent inside. And let us enjoy all of what each season has to offer, this is the time to pick your mushrooms, pickle your vegetables and prepare your apples. Soon enough you will find yourself inside again working on your creative arts in a room filled with the scent and light of bees wax, delicious hot beverages cooking on the stove and you and you family wrapped up in furs.  Avoid the modern och urban monotone manner of life, instead get up, go out and enjoy all of the fruits, nuts or whatever the current season has to offer.


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